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Ada is known for her playful, bold and vibrant expressions of color. Her beautifully painted leather and crystal resin tables and cabinetry but it doesn't stop there; Ada will adorn your walls, accessorize and bring any space to life Ada Madison is known for her playful, bold and vibrant use of color. Her work is described as "Functional Art". Beautifully designed hand painted leather furniture and torched crystal resin table tops are the heartbeat of her work. But it doesn't stop there; Madison's work will adorn your walls and accessorize your life!


I thought the unthinkable could never happen to me. I had worked hard as a young girl to not only find my way but to find success in my career, businesses, and life. The truth is that no one is immune. You never know when the wolf will show up in disguise. It’s not by accident, coincidence, or serendipity that you are about to read my story; a divine appointment has led you to this book. The facts you are about to read are disturbing and hard to believe, but true. This is my story.



Are looking for encouragement, hope or a reason to trust again? FaithWalk blog with Ada Madison is real life, real faith and real hope splashed with a whole lot of color and creativity. Join us and you will find joyful encouragement and love on Ada's prayer fueled blog. Read about divine encounters with God and bare witness the miracles He brings. In tough times and mountain top moments, Ada candidly shares her life and journey from unspeakable hurt and fear to the miraculous. You are not alone. Join Us!


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What people are saying about SUDDENLY & Ada's Art

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I couldn’t put this book down!!! Captivating and suspenseful; horrifying but incredibly hopeful. This story reads like a fiction, but remarkably this is the true account of the life of a woman who escaped Hell and lived to tell the tale! Redemption and Glory comes from on High! A cautionary tale of the demonic disguised as everything you ever wanted and dreamed of. Every ear should hear these words of wisdom and experience, from a powerhouse of a woman who would not give up, and the Lord who wouldn’t allow her to. A must read for any woman (or man) who have survived, or are in the midst of an abusive and diabolical relationship. A true testament of the power of Jesus Christ to save, no matter the circumstances! ~ Tara

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This story reads like a fiction because it’s just so unbelievable but it’s a very true story. This woman is my dear friend of mine. Although I knew most of her story, reading the events one after the other opened my eyes not only to how much she went through but how many miracles God performed in her life through it. It’s inspiring and thought provoking. It will challenge you, encourage you and heal areas of your life where you’ve been hurt by others or experienced trauma or abuse. It will awaken many hearts that need to be stirred also. Lives will be deeply impacted by this story. I’m thankful Ada had the courage’s to share it for it is an emotional and vulnerable story. ~ Nicole 

The moment Ada walked into my Naples, FL home and displayed her portfolio, I knew she was endowed with exceptional abilities.  I felt comfortable enough to set her free to design each and every room.  Since then, my home has been featured in magazines and home shows.  I couldn’t be happier.  Ada Madison’s skills are unlimited and genius. 
~ Mary Dulac

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️An incredible eye opener! I just couldn’t put this book down! This sister’s testimony is incredibly written, I was transported to every moment of her life, like if I were right there. I cried, I got angered, I got joyful, but most of all I had a sense of healing within my own wounds. I felt my story couldn’t compare to Ada’s, but most of all I felt a special love for my sister in Christ. She’s a… Warrior for Jesus! ~ Deb

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️It’s seldom these days I find a book that I simply can’t put down. I know Ada’s story, as I’ve born witness to the last 7 years as she risen from the ashes of the most unbelievable, yet real horror imaginable. Even still, the authenticity, transparency, and love she has poured into this book had me utterly captivated. I used to believe biblical miracles stopped happening after biblical times. Her story is proof that miracles happen every day, all around us, if we just have eyes to see and ears to listen, along with the faith of a mustard seed. This book is a must read, and one I’ll be saving for my daughter for when the time comes. ~ Emily

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I received Ada’s book and quickly opened it read a few pages, right there I felt the Holy Spirit all over this book. When I met Ada I thought she was a successful woman, she was and is but I never knew that 2 yrs. before she was homeless, broke, hurt and alone; all that she had was gone in a flash! Though she never said anything to me in that moment looking back she carried it well. As I read the book I transported myself there with her in fact when I read the chapters were she was attacked and abused the fear that she was feeling jumped from those pages, I felt that same fear every minute, every moment. I cried, and I was angry I felt her pain and all those emotions together. As I kept reading what was amazing was how God brought her through, telling her to trust Him no matter what came hell or high water. And she did! You can see that time after time she put her trust in God really walking by faith . Ada is a warrior a mighty woman of God she paid a price a high price and in return she had the victory. Yes she is still healing, God gave Ada beauty for ashes….. Love you Ada! ❤


I am the proud owner of many different pieces of art by Ada Madison.  Besides being beautiful, vibrant and colorful, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Ada pours her passion into every unique piece whether it be furniture, purses, sculptures or paintings. ~ Rebecca 

Ada Madison is an amazing artist and designer.  I love her use of color.  She brings her heart and soul to every aspect of her art.  Her furniture, paintings and her bags!  I am stopped everywhere I go with Ada’s purses. I’ve purchased Ada Madison art for not only myself, but unforgettable gifts. 
~ Rita