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thoughts on art, books & APT Hair design

I love Ada's art! She created a custom leather chair and table for us.  Every time I look at them they bring me JOY!  She worked closely with us on design to fit with our home, all while keeping her true to her style.  Ada is such a pleasure to work with.  If you want something unique and beautiful, she's your gal! 

Susan Reining Gould - Orlando, FL

From the minute I walked into her studio I was captivated.  I gave Ada full reign on my new Naples, FL condo design.  It is absolutely stunning!  So much so it was featured in a home and garden magazine!  

Mary A - Naples, FL & NYC

I've known Ada for many years and she has been an inspiration since the first day we met.  She is an amazing artist that works with so many different mediums.  Her creativity and artistry make her work a standout.  I always get complements when I wear her earrings and carry her signature handbags.

Denise - Naples, FL

The quality, originality, vibrancy, and design just can't be compared with anyone or anything else! She creates one of a kind, remarkable creations that bring me joy.

I have a purse and wallet combination and people will literally stop me on the street or in a restaurant and ask me about it. It is glorious, vibrant, and one of a kind. Carrying it with me brings me so much joy.

Ada has a God given talent and her inspiration translates into her artistic creations which is why they are SO divine!  

Karen Reynolds Scott - Ft Myers, FL

Ada is blessed with boundless energy and creativity. Everything she produces is a reflection of her special creative spark.

Sally Duback - Mequon, WI - Artist

Color, design, innate talent, professional study, charisma, passion, honesty, creativity and pure joy are the embodiment of Ada Madison's art!  Highly professional, extremely productive and excellent quality are terms I would use to describe the art of hers that I own.  We have known each other for 25 years.  I appreciate, own and wear and have her creations in my homes!  She is a 5 Star winner!

Kathleen Whitcroft - Artist

My home is full of Ada's art.  It's  fabulous and exudes happy vibes!

Nancy W. - Aspen, CO

A treasure is what is valuable to me.  The heart is symbolic of love and affection. Ada Madison has captured my heart, my love and my attention through our forever binding relationship, her art and our Lord.  Learning Ada's heart will become your treasure also and make you mindful of what becomes valuable to you.  

Susie Hilton, Docent Artis Naples - Naples, FL

I've been wearing Ada Madison for years!  Love, love, love her work and I keep adding more and more to my closet and my home.  

Rita O.- Chicago, IL

I'm intrigued by Ada Madison's love for God and mankind.  I'm captivated by her creativity, sense of style and ability to capture a person's style and custom design an article of clothing, decor or trend that is tailored to that individual.    Her flamboyant style is contagious! 

Carolyn Walker - Jackson, TN

Ada Madison has survived the darkness of abuse and in the process uncovered incredible talents.  Her books, her art, her God given imagination and creativity are fantastic.  My home and my closet are filled with Ada Madison's art.  Her furniture is incredible. 

Nancy Wallace - Naples, FL

I have complete confidence in Ada's skill and knowledge. She assesses what needs to be done, educates on the process and always exceeds my expectations. I feel that I can get very satisfying results and have healthy hair as well.

Lisa Musgrave - Orlando, FL

Ada truly has a gift. She gave me the most insane color I have ever seen and a cut to match. She understands how to create a style that works with your face and makes the whole process seem so effortless!

Sherry Bauerschmidt - Orlando FL

Ada is wonderful! She is truly an artist! Her color and cutting are the best I've had in my life! She is truly a Master Stylist. Ada is also an amazing person.....inspiring, encouraging and fun! Thank You Ada for great hair!

Susan Vincik - Orlando, FL

Ada is a very talented hair artist. She does professional work. I would recommend her to everyone because her work is Beautiful!

Renee Centers - Orlando, FL

I cannot recommend Ada enough. She is an artist and master at color and style. I absolutely love my new hair and already can't wait to go back for a touchup and style.

Kilian Wolf - Orlando, FL

I met Ada when she designed my hair.  What a stylist!  Her story brought me to tears.  Her faith and trust in God is just so inspiring.  I've read all of her books and what a blessing they are!  I've given copies to my friends to give them hope and encouragement too.  Every morning I look forward to my coffee in one of Ada's mugs.  I've given many as gifts.  I'm complemented every time I wear her things.  Ada is just so talented and inspiring in everything she does.  Thank You Ada Madison for blessing me with your friendship and talent.

Melinda Clark - Orange City, FL

Ada is an artist with impeccable duality.  She designs, paints and creates multitudes of masterpieces.  Additionally, her medium is life itself.  What ever she touches has increased life and love. 

Christine Andretta - Naples, FL

AMAZING READ! Buy this book immediately. It has everything - danger, romance, fear, family, triumph, thievery, homelessness, loss, gain, terror,eneurance, and you will not be able to put it down! You will feel raw emotion, you will find it unbelievable that someone could triumph after the experiences she had to endure, and you will feel violated and angry, but the ending will make it all worth it. It is written with a straightforwardness that is blunt and real, and I felt her heart. I had goosebumps, I had tears, and one time I actually shouted "WOO" and fist pumped the air, I was breathless at times, and when I read the last page I felt sad that it was over. It is both terrifying and terrific, unbelievable and true, moving and miraculous. It compiles me to be stronger, better, and to thank God that I am not "Sleeping with the enemy" like this real life Julia Roberts.

Karen Scott - FT Myers - FL

Ada is a fantastic stylist and really takes her time to get you the perfect customized style! You won't regret going to see her!

Brandi DeSanti - Orlando, FL

I have long curly hair. Ada s haircut was excellent! She's a pro.

Steven Meaders - Orlando, FL

Ada is an excellent stylist! I highly reccomend her. I needed a change when I met her and wow! I go exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks Ada!

Leslie Northcut - Orlando, FL

She is a FIVE STAR! I love my cut, style an color!

Roeya Ibn Yakhlef - Orlando, FL

Suddenly is an amazing story of bravery. I am so blessed by this book! Suddenly is an amazing story of bravery, brokenness and redemption. I a so blessed how God truly gives us beauty for ashes. Many of us are waiting for our suddenly. This awesome testimony will restore hope and strengthen your faith as you wait for God to turn it around. I highly reccomend this book as a blessing to yourself and to others!

Angie Dean - Jasper, GA

This book is a MUST read! It's a true story of terrifying proportions. It is also inspiring , showing the strength, will and faith of the human sport. Aside from the times it moved me to tears, I could not put this book down. It is so compelling that you can feel the authors fears and anguish.

I am a seasoned reader and this book humbled me to the core. I highly recommend Suddenly to everyone.

Gaetana Thackery - Naples, FL

Annie Bananie Goes to Giggle Paws was beautifully written and the artistry of bright and fun colors was a true please to read and experience! The storytelling was fun, and wold be a purrrrrfect gift for kids and friends of all ages. I wish my friends and well as I cold go to Giggle Paws!

Andrea Frank - Orlando, FL

In Beaufifully Broken Ada encourages you to dig deep, to journal, to answer some tough questions through many interactive exercises she herself used to overcome years and layers of unworthiness, self hatred and shame, to leave "no stone unturned". Ada's faith journey is a journey of gratitude. It is a life of ongoing dependence on God. It is a journey of Thanksgiving, praising God for joy and abundant love, and His steadfast presence in sorrow, despair and fear. Like any journey, the road is difficult to predict. Ada shares the way Christ changed her life. Her testimony is powerful because it is a story about moving from death to life. Giving her personal testimony is a way to share the gospel with others by sharing her personal salvation experience. It gives us an example of how God changes lives. Your walk with Ada through this remarkable round of recovery and redemption will leave you joyful and knowing a new friend. A definite thumbs up accomplishment. 

Susie Hiton - Naples, FL

Bright and happy colors with furrends and humans in this delightful book for children is as much fun for grownups as it it kids! It has a community spirit which encompasses the theme- we are all Gods children not matter size, shape or ethnicity. Bravo Ada, we can't wait for another of Annie Bananie's adventures!

Nancy Wallace - Naples, FL

This is the most perfect children's book, especially if they love dogs as much as we do. Our pup Dexter was featured in this book- He pretty much grew up with Annie Bananie and loves her soooooo much!!! It's his favorite bedtime story. It's a great gift. We ordered copies for our niece and nephew. Ada did an incredible job with all the illustrations and the storyline. Annie Bananie Goes to Giggle Paws is such a cute book, it's funny and entertaining for kids and includes tons of pictures for them to follow along. We can't wait to read more books like this from Ada in the future! Must Buy!!!

Kristo Jano

My grandchildren LOVE Annie Bananie! This book is a great way to teach diversity and uniqueness using our fur babies. It is a must have. I'll be first in line for Annie's next adventure!

Tracey Childers - Orlando, FL

WE LOVE Annie Bananie!!!!! This new book to color and draw in is the best ever!!!!

Abby Cedars - Minneapolis, MN

Beyond the Veil is a beautiful book of encouragement. It's a very encouraging and beautifully designed book. It's full of inspiration and art that touch's ones heart for God! There's a place to journal an put thoughts down as well. Gorgeous in more ways than one.

Pamela Casson - Denver, CO

Beyond the Veil is GORGEOUS! It is a super colorful gorgeous book with paintings on every page! It's an amazing book filled with inspiring prayer, devotions and powerful art.

Addy Davidson - NYC

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