Honoring Black History

Thinking about Black history month and the amazing black women that have been and continue to impact my life in such wonderful ways! Women in ministry, women in the arts, poets, authors and First Ladies. Do you know Madam CJ Walker? She was a wildly successful businesswoman, who made her fortune by developing and marketing a line of cosmetics and hair care products for black women through the business she founded, Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company. She became known also for her philanthropy and activism. She made financial donations to numerous organizations such as the NAACP, and became a patron of the arts. Villa Lewaro, Walker's lavish estate in Irvington, New York, served as a social gathering place for the African-American community. At the time of her death, she was considered the wealthiest African-American businesswoman and wealthiest self-made black woman in America. Her name was a version of "Mrs. Charles Joseph Walker", after her third husband….
But my mind still immediately sees his face and hears the cries of George Floyd calling out for his mother, as he was murdered on the streets of Minneapolis by “law enforcement“ with a crowd of onlookers. The horror of that should not just forever bring pain but it should open blind eyes.
Seems to me that to honor Black History Month is not only to recognize the magnificent contributions our black brothers and sisters have made to the world but also to recognize how very very far we have to go. In celebration of Black History Month, today I honor Madame CJ Walker, and Mr. George Floyd.

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