Peace Remains Fluid

Sometimes we have to stop, take a breath and remember that true peace is found in the ability to trust God, embrace change, and trust in His provision, protection and loving guidance.
In my life, the fluidity of embracing change has proven to be utterly glorious. Sometimes it can be painful when the Lord says -take My hand -and we sojourn together into the past visiting trauma, and pain. Remaining fluid, allowed me to visit some of those dark crevices and find healing. I was able to flow freely through it and out of it, into my future. This has been truly life-changing and glorious.
As I’ve leaned on Him and held tightly to His hand, we continue with twists and turns that I could not have ever anticipated. Left up to me, even in all of my creative nature, I would’ve been quite rigid in what I thought my next step should be. Remaining fluid and trusting that my creator, Love & Peace Himself, will show me what His plans are for me is the source of my peace.
Thank You for Your love Father. Thank You for Your healing touch. Thank You that as we have sojourned together back through very hard experiences, You have shown me that You were always there. You have always provided, protected and wrapped me in Your cocoon of Love. Thank You, Lord! Father help me to radiate that same forgiving and encouraging Love to everyone You put on my path. Oh how I love You.

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