The Snake & the Dragonfly


I hopped out of the car and was headed towards my front door when I saw it - a huge snake coiled up in front of me. It didn’t flinch, but rather just sat there looking at me.  Now I’m one serious wimp when it comes to snakes. I bet I beat all speed records running backwards! I clapped my hands and she just sat and stared. I got in the car and honked and she didn’t flinch. Pretty soon my neighbor guy came out to take a look at what was going on.  He was startled at her size as well. Pretty soon she casually turned and disappeared into the trees and bushes.  I learned that she was non-venomous, and most likely very pregnant. 

This morning when I came out my front door, I have to confess I was seriously cautious looking around for that snake. I hopped in my car and was just getting on to a very busy freeway when all of a sudden this huge thing buzzed me right in front of my face. My heart was pounding out of my chest! It was in my car whatever it was! Then she landed right on my steering wheel as I am surrounded by other vehicles increasing speed as we merge onto I-4. It was a large dragonfly and how in the world it got in my car I have no idea. I opened up the window now going at least 55 and she just sauntered out, like she knew what she was doing.  I was gripping that steering wheel like nobody’s business!

Tonight I just couldn’t help but think about the two bizarre collisions I’ve had with unexpected visitors! There was something about it that I just felt the nudge to read a little bit.  God always speaks to me through His creation.  I sensed that  this was one of those times, and I was so touched by all of it, that I really felt led to share with you.  

I learned that dragonflies start out, looking absolutely nothing like a dragonfly. They spend four years under water in the dark beginning as a tiny tadpole, and slowly morphing into a water nymph.  These little nymphs are expert fisherman!  They actually grow in size and eat, tadpoles and minnows!  After all of this time they will gradually come out of the water and climb up a blade of tall grass.  The sun warms them and their new form comes to life.  They are literally transformed underwater in the dark.  

When it emerges as a dragonfly, is one of the most talented “flyers“ in the world! It can fly up and down and back-and-forth, reverse and forward like a little helicopter. Like airplanes, they’re designed for a very smooth flight.   Dragonflies can dart forward in the blink of an eye. They move about 100 body lengths per second, which is equivalent to about 30 to 35 mph  They have eyes that can see 360° around them. In many countries around the world, the dragonfly signifies insight, vision, revelation, rebirth, happiness, and financial gain.

After learning all these things, I decided to look up that snake. Beyond transformation, the snake epitomizes rebirth as well! In its cyclical shedding of its skin, the snake becomes a symbol of renewal and resurrection. The snake inspires us to view endings not as finality but as gateways to new beginnings. The snake also in many cultures represents the journey of healing.

There are times in life when we feel like we’re muddling our way through in the dark trying to find our way.  We are seeking breakthrough, healing, waiting for an open door or a new chapter to begin. When it seems to be taking forever for that “breakthrough” it can feel so alone. We wonder if God heard our cries and if anything will ever change.  The thing about breakthrough and an open door is the wait may be long, but it only takes a moment for that door to swing open when God says “now”.  Open doors often lead to new beginnings where we don’t even recognize ourselves or reflect the struggles we have been through. In God‘s timing all things are made new.  

I believe God is saying to trust Him always. Trust Him in the darkness. Trust Him in lack. Trust Him in the unknowns and the what if‘s. Trust Him. He is the author and perfector of each and every one of us. His plans for us are good, filled with hope and a future.  Thank you Lord for the gift of patience and wisdom.  Although they did not come easy, they are gifts and are priceless. 

I thank You Lord that You know the end from the beginning! Thank You for Your patience with me.  Oh, how I love You.  


  • ❤️❤️❤️Helen

    Ada Madison
  • Now this was a STORY … WOW! I love the pathways God chooses for each of us to learn, grow and trust Him. Not so sure about coming upon the snake tho :-( . Thanks for researching and sharing your findings on the snake and dragonfly. It informs and educates and as we have dragonflies (and snakes) here, I will remember of what you said and smile at God’s ways and means of getting our attention.


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